• The Crescent

    idea: For These Nine Stories, Steel Trumps Concrete

    The Crescent was 90% designed when Brinkmann joined the project team, with the plans calling for a concrete structure. We reasoned that a building of this height — and unique length — should be steel instead. Less money, more aggressive construction schedule.

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    idea: Time is Money. (Money is Money.)

    Another reason we recommended steel on The Crescent: Simply put, steel structures go up faster. The Owner’s original schedule was 24 months. We promised the project — and delivered — in 15 months.

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    idea: Innovate the Noise Away

    To ensure peace and quiet for the owners of these luxury condos, Brinkmann implemented an elegant, creative noise-absorbing solution: strategically positioning small yet powerful neoprene vibration isolators onto hangers attached to metal decks between floors. A sound idea — and proof of our ingenuity in shifting paradigms, ultimately delivering a quality product and satisfying end-users.

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  • Westminster

    idea: A “Go” or “No-Go” Decision-Making System

    To help Westminster consider building options amid the uncertainties of capital fundraising during a prolonged recession, Brinkmann developed a critical “Go” or “No-Go” decision-making system, providing school leadership with a range of campus building options tied to phased trigger dates.

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    idea: Spokes Around a Hub

    By breaking this project into eight distinct parts — spokes around a center hub — Brinkmann delivered greater scheduling flexibility and worked on these distinct projects simultaneously, expertly choreographing the construction. The Owner enjoyed a range of options throughout the project rather than being wedged into making premature decisions.

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    idea: Time Your Technology Decisions

    Because the world of technology is ever-changing, Brinkmann built out the school’s basic digital infrastructure first, then gave Westminster leadership the longest possible time to evaluate which classroom technology system best fit their needs. The result: technology with a longer life cycle for the Owner.

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    idea: For Schools, A Month Can Mean a Year

    Through our aggressive and complex sequential scheduling of construction, Brinkmann compressed the project timetable from 22 months down to just 14. This meant classes started in the new building a full school year ahead of schedule.

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  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers

    idea: Let the Healing Start Sooner

    Thanks to Brinkmann’s disciplined approach to scheduling and sequencing, we regularly build these specialized healthcare projects in just 90 days versus the prior norm of five months. The Physician-Owners begin operating sooner — and patients begin healing sooner.

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    idea: Innovate Early

    Early on, Brinkmann introduced a series of mechanical and electrical design ideas for these centers that delivered both value and innovation. The Owners approved these ideas, and they’ve been incorporated into the design of the subsequent surgery centers ever since.

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    idea: One in a Series, Each One Unique

    Brinkmann is able to approach ASC investors with a wealth of specialized healthcare building experience. Our Project Team tailors ideas suited to each Owner’s specific project needs. Brinkmann simplifies the complexities, whether retrofitting an existing space or building a new stand-alone structure.

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  • Sunrise Senior Living

    idea: Locate Undiscovered Savings

    Brinkmann jumped into this massive project by identifying undiscovered cost-saving opportunities for the Owner, who selected $245,000 worth of our suggestions. Saving money — without sacrificing quality — is just how we work.

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    idea: Compress the Schedule

    As the largest Sunrise community in the U.S. at the time, this flagship project was scheduled to take 20 months. Brinkmann was determined to shorten this, and through a variety of strategies — including working straight through a harsh Colorado winter — we completed work in just 18 months. That gave the Owner two bonus months of operational ramp-up and cash flow.

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    idea: Rethink the Retaining Wall

    This project’s original design called for an expensive 30-foot multi-tiered retaining wall. Our Innovators proposed a new modular design instead. The result: A stronger wall for less money.

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  • Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop C Headquarters

    idea: Taller Is Not Always Better

    While the Owner asked for and expected a two-story headquarters, Brinkmann advocated a one-story alternative. After our Project Team demonstrated the significant cost, functional, and design benefits to be gained, our design carried the day.

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    idea: Question Brick

    Another expectation from this project’s RFP: The new building should be masonry. Brinkmann proposed using tilt-up concrete construction instead, building an equally durable structure for less money.

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    idea: Be Prepared — But Efficiently So

    Troop C needed a way for radio officers to maintain communications during a tornado, after others had evacuated the building. Brinkmann’s creative solution transformed two adjacent restrooms into a rock-solid, right-sized shelter-in-waiting.

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    idea: Honor the Fallen More Visibly

    Brinkmann integrated into its design a permanent memorial to the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s fallen officers, replacing the simple folding table used in the previous Headquarters. The highly visible tribute has special meaning to the Owner, families of fallen officers, and the public.

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    idea: Find a Way on Fiber-Optics

    One of the initial challenges of the project was the need to relocate a crucial fiber-optic line. Brinkmann devised a creative solution that saved the Owner a few hundred thousand dollars.

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  • Prairie Center

    idea: Be the Leader the Project Needs

    Brinkmann was involved in this project so early that we helped assemble the comprehensive team that would take it on. Our role extended past management into leadership, as we provided front-end design, coordinated pre-construction phases, participated in bidding, guided engineers to produce more cost-effective solutions, and owned the schedule.

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    idea: With 2,000 Acres, Every Decision Counts

    The local engineer on this project recommended both a high-pressure and low-pressure water line. Brinkmann argued against these miles of dual line. In the end, we persuaded the Owner to use one water line, a decision that saved approximately $3 million.

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    idea: Wheat Wins

    While the project’s original design suggested following tradition and planting grass seed to stabilize the earth, Brinkmann proposed using Winter Wheat. It costs half as much, grows better in Denver prairies, and yields a harvest.

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    idea: Value Water

    Water is scarce in Denver, and Prairie Center needed an innovative approach to use and reuse it. Our Innovators helped conceive of and then implement a reservoir system to capture the expansive site’s run- off water and reuse it as irrigation on the 2,000-acre site.

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