Sunrise Senior Living

This flagship project for Sunrise Senior Living Community houses 206 fully furnished residential units, an exercise room, hair care center, library and 72-seat movie theater. The facility also includes an industrial-size kitchen, key-access garage and oak-crafted grand foyer. The 6.9-acre site includes 267,577 square feet of building space. Brinkmann earned the $42-million project through a hard bid process.

  • Locate Undiscovered Savings - Even though Brinkmann was asked to immediately begin procurement of materials and construction of the project, our team believed it was imperative to identify undiscovered cost-saving opportunities for the Owner. We proposed numerous ways to save on construction costs, and the Owner selected $245,000 worth of our suggestions. By the time the project was completed, Brinkmann’s contract was actually $200,000 less than it was on bid day.
  • Compress the Schedule -  As the largest Sunrise community in the company’s history at the time, this project was originally scheduled to take 20 months. Brinkmann was determined to shorten this, and through a variety of strategies — including working straight through a harsh Colorado winter — our Project Team completed work in just 18 months. That speed of delivery helped Sunrise serve residents sooner and generate two bonus months of cash flow.
  • Rethink the Retaining Wall - When Brinkmann examined the original project design, one of the central components we believed needed to be rethought was the 30-foot multi-tiered retaining wall stretching the full width of the project. Our Innovators proposed a significant design change, introducing instead a modular retaining wall that produced significant cost savings for the Owner and ultimately delivered a higher-quality wall for the project.