Friendship Village Sunset Hills

The Friendship Village Sunset Hills senior living community’s $50 Million expansion project included the addition of 78 independent living units, 20 stand-alone villas, and a new clubhouse and central gathering place for the residents and staff to dine and participate in events.

Phase 1A of this expansion involved significant infrastructure work to accommodate the majority of this master plan as well as the construction of 10 villa style independent living units complete with all of the modern conveniences, styles, and finishes of current high-end private residences. 

The new clubhouse and new residential buildings, designed by the developer’s architect, included the design-build assistance of Brinkmann Constructors for many facets of the project including all mechanical and electrical systems. 

Brinkmann utilized its pre-construction expertise to continually examine every issue of the project and challenge the team on the design and costs all the while considering constructability, cost to the owner, timing, quality, as well as marketability of the new retirement community.

Brinkmann’s work in this effort produced close to $5 Million in potential cost reductions to the project that involved utilizing different construction methods, phasing adjustments, alternate materials/products, and design changes.