Prairie Center

Brinkmann was selected to manage the $82-million site development and infrastructure improvements for the 2,400-acre Prairie Center — one of the Denver area’s largest and most complex projects. The multi-use community hosts retail, commercial, residential, and institutional space. Brinkmann was able to establish our Colorado office in our commitment to this long-term project. We served as the construction manager for more than 27 Prairie Center Metropolitan District projects totaling more than $46 million. Brinkmann also served as the general contractor for the private developer, THF Realty, on more than 10 projects spanning about 150,000 square feet of vertical construction and 250 acres of site work. We were honored to be chosen again by THF for such a massive undertaking and pleased to again deliver the innovative solutions for which we have become known. In total, Brinkmann was able to discover and deliver more than $10 million in unexpected savings on this mixed-use project.

  • Be the Leader the Project Needs - Brinkmann was involved in this project so early that we helped assemble the comprehensive team of specialists that would take it on. In time, our role extended beyond management into leadership, as our Project Team provided front-end design, coordinated pre-construction phases, participated in bidding, and guided engineers to produce more cost-effective solutions. Perhaps most significantly, Brinkmann stepped up and took ownership of the schedule, particularly in relationship to Prairie Center retailers eager to open and capture new customers. Home Depot, for example, was the first retailer committed. Brinkmann established an aggressive, rock-solid schedule to ensure Home Depot opened two weeks early in time for big sales over Memorial Day weekend.
  • With 2,000 Acres, Every Decision Counts - Brinkmann learned that the local Denver engineer collaborating on this project was recommending both a high-pressure and low-pressure water line. In studying the project, our Innovators found these miles and miles of dual line unnecessary. We spoke up and gave our view as experienced civil engineers in our own right. In the end, the development team agreed with Brinkmann. The Owner was able to use one water line, a decision that saved about $3 million in initial costs plus ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Wheat Wins - Because a project as big as Prairie Center disturbs substantial acreage, there is a need to stabilize the earth so it doesn’t wash away. The project’s original design suggested following tradition and planting grass seed. Brinkmann, explaining that grass doesn’t grow very well in Denver prairies, offered an innovative solution: Use Winter Wheat instead. It costs half as much, grows better in Denver prairies, and harvests a yield. Our recommendation was accepted, and the site’s stabilization was complete.
  • Value Water - Water is scarce in Denver, and Prairie Center needed an innovative approach to use and reuse it. Brinkmann helped conceive of and implement a reservoir system to capture the run-off water and reuse it as irrigation on the expansive 2,000-acre site.