The Crescent

This $55-million, nine-story project, totaling 390,000 square feet, is an exceptional model of a luxury condominium tower integrating retail amenities, efficiently and attractively. The layout includes about 25,000 square feet of retail space on the first floor, parking on the first and second floors, and 72 condominiums on the third through ninth floors. Brinkmann also performed interior finish construction of the 2,250-SF to 3,500-SF condominiums, which range in price from $1 million to $1.5 million. The third-floor terrace level features a serene garden terrace with landscaping and concrete paver walkways. The park-like area with trees and flowering gardens on the plaza level above the garage is a 27,000-SF green roof and includes dog walks, private yards for ground-floor units, and a garden for residents on the north side. All condominiums wrap around a 12x18-foot terrace, each with stunning views of the Clayton cityscape and The Crescent Plaza itself. Brinkmann also completed the 4,000-plus SF homes on the ninth floor penthouse level.

  • Concrete Demands Tower Cranes. Neither Are Necessary. - When Brinkmann was brought in on this project, The Crescent was approximately 90% designed, with a committed plan to build using concrete. Brinkmann asked: “Does a building with only nine stories really need to be concrete?” After much study, our team laid out the serious benefits to using steel instead. First, this concrete building necessitated a tower crane, and The Crescent’s unique length meant there would need to be not one but two tower cranes.  It’s possible, our Innovators reasoned, to instead build with steel, replacing the two tower cranes (which cost $100,000 a month) with a single mobile crane on tracks. More flexible, much less expensive.
  • Time is Money. (Money is Money.) - Another reason our Project Team recommended steel on The Crescent: Simply put, steel structures go up faster. The Owner’s original schedule was 24 months. We promised completion — and delivered — in 15 months.
  • Innovate the Noise Away - A building like The Crescent needs to meet high STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings. Residents of luxury homes rightly enjoy peace and quiet. Brinkmann learned that one of the arguments for concrete had been that its mass produced a higher STC rating . Our Project Team was determined to offer the same level of noise absorption with a steel structure without depending on traditional insulation. After significant research, Brinkmann found a creative solution: We strategically positioned small but powerful neoprene vibration isolators onto hangers attached to metal decks  between floors to achieve the STC ratings.