Friendship Village Chesterfield

The initial $15 Million phase of the planned multi-year expansion of the Friendship Village Chesterfield consists of 30 new independent living apartments and a heated, underground parking garage for the residents.  Each new resident will have the ability to select numerous optional upgrades that include kitchen cabinets and countertops, appliances, floor coverings, and other finishes.   The new independent living building is located in a secluded section of the campus that overlooks the privately owned lake and the woods.

The specific location for this project on the campus created a number of challenges for the Brinkmann team.   Foremost among these challenges are the logistics of accessing the site at the rear of the campus and coordination with the ongoing operation of the existing community.  The new independent living building was located directly on top of the existing loop access road surrounding the community.  Before this road could be taken out of service, the newly relocated loop road would have to be constructed. 

Brinkmann was able to accomplish this feat in the early phase of construction through the winter months by engaging the site subcontractors and the operations staff early in pre-construction and formulating an action plan that kept the access around the community for the residents and operations as well as allowed the maximum area to be released for construction.  This phasing and coordination will allow the project to be completed with a minimum amount of disruption to the residents and the entire retirement community.