WinWholesale Distribution Center

This 250,000-SF regional distribution center for WinWholesale Inc. serves its western market. The Aurora facility combines the distribution center with office space for management staff as well as display and training space.  The facility has incorporated innovative features such as an underfloor radiant heating system and exterior snow-melt system. The design also incorporates high-end plumbing fixtures in the restroom spaces showcasing WinWholesale’s top manufacturer lines.

Headquartered in Dayton, OH; WinWholesale is the parent company of Winnelson, Winlectric, Winair, Winwater, and Windustrial and is the leading supplier of domestic & industrial supplies and materials.  Local franchises supply building materials (plumbing fixtures, electrical equipment, HVAC equipment, piping, etc.) to local contractors in the Denver market and were heavily involved in the supply of materials for the new distribution center.