Sandy Creek Energy Power Plant

The Sandy Creek Power Plant is one of the largest new coal projects in the U.S. Brinkmann Constructors completed the build-out and interior finishes for seven buildings on the 1,000-acre site. Brinkmann’s project scope featured four key elements:

Plant Services Building (40,400 SF) - Complete build-out of this office building included the on-site personnel office, men’s & women’s locker rooms, work station areas and meeting rooms, warehouse area and maintenance shops.

Control Center (9,720 SF) – Brinkmann performed a complete build-out of this three-story building, which is attached to the main turbine/boiler building. The Control Center houses the electrical and battery rooms and the Control Room, from which the entire plant is managed. The Control Center also includes restrooms, break rooms, and meeting spaces for plant employees.

Fireproofing Shaft Walls – Work also included the fireproofing and construction of fire-rated drywall shaft walls at five stair towers. These range from 63 to 155 feet in height.

Other Spaces – Brinkmann also built restrooms, break rooms, and electrical/ mechanical systems for the following buildings: Guardhouse, Water Treatment Building, Coal Car Unloading Building, Coal Handling Equipment Maintenance Building, and Solid Waste Maintenance Building.