Boomerang Tube Manufacturing Facility

This complete revitalization and expansion of an existing 50+-year-old manufacturing plant was undertaken for manufacturing offshore drill stem tube. The original pre-engineered metal building, spanning more than 492,000  SF, was taken back to its steel skeleton. From there, structural modifications were made to raise the finish floor elevation by four feet in order to lift it above the flood plain. The structure was fully modernized to meet current building codes. In addition, Brinkmann expanded the original plant with 18,000 SF of new pre-engineered metal buildings.

The balance of work included re-skinning the exterior roof and wall systems with new girts, purlins, and metal panels; new slab construction; significant site development; and extensive mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) work. Within the existing building, more than 80,000 SF of new offices, control rooms, locker rooms, shipping, and receiving areas were constructed to support the production operations.