St. Louis City Schools HVAC Modernization

This project consisted of HVAC modernization on the Soldan, Sumner, and Roosevelt High Schools in the St. Louis City School District. Brinkmann managed the design/build and installation of complete, fully operational heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and low-voltage systems that met the criteria outlined by the St. Louis School District’s specifications.

Soldan High School

This school was built in 1909, with an addition in 1993. The original building was 251,097 square feet, with an addition of 42,000 square feet for a total of 293,097 square feet. The current school is four stories. The addition is two stories with a gym above and a cafeteria below the ground floor.

Contract value: $7.2 million

Roosevelt High School

Originally built in 1925, this school added a gym in 1975. The five-story building area is 294,104 square feet.

Contract value: $8.7 million


Sumner was built in 1910, with renovations in 1954, 1978, and 1990. The total building area is 250,612 square feet.

Contract Value: $8.4 million

Program Construction Duration: May 2009 – August 2009

  • Scope for All Schools
  • Replacement of existing steam and condensate system in its entirety
  • Removal of existing built-up classroom air handling systems
  • Installation of new recirculating or 100% outdoor air make-up unit, providing ventilation air to VAV reheat boxes
  • Provision of air conditioning for entire facility by means of new chilled water cooling system consisting of a single, multi-circuit, air cooled or water cooled chiller, water pumps, and a chilled water circulating system conveying chilled water to all building cooling coils
  • Installation of new boilers with DDC controls for cycle operation and to monitor boiler operation
  • Installation of complete DDC controls for all systems into a building management system in the building and monitored by the District central computer station