Missouri S&T Student Design and Experiential Learning Center

The single-story, 21,420-SF Student Design Center and multi-tenant building was designed for flexibility, durability, and value. The Student Design Center occupies approximately 10,985 square feet of the building, with the remaining 10,465 square feet being dedicated to lease area. The building utilizes high-quality building materials, including aluminum storefront, clear 1” insulated glass, “white” glass, brick veneer to match university standards, large-scale masonry units, and metal accents.

The contemporary expression of the building reflects the progressive nature of the Design Center and Missouri University S&T as a whole. The simplicity of the building form parallels the “form follows function” logic and “elegant simplicity” that are demonstrated through the projects and successes of the Student Design Center program.

The building consists of fabrication areas and office support areas for the various university Student Design teams. The front portion of the building includes office and retail space. The one-story concept also creates a more efficient use of floor space. And with the 3,500-SF expansion to the building, tenants will be placed on the street level in lieu of a second floor, which is more attractive to retailers. The exterior of the building includes a replacement of the existing brick veneer, high-performance glass on three sides of the building, a new roof system, all new interior finishes, a new colored concrete slab for the fabrication area, new sidewalks and parking areas, and an upgrade to existing structural members.