USACE/Dial Central Facility

The Dial Central Facility (Dial) is a mission critical building that serves as the primary center for Fort Leonard Wood’s telephone and data networks.  Fort Leonard Wood is the home base of the US Army’s Maneuver Support Center of Excellence which is tasked with the operation and training of various functions of the Army including engineer units, military police, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) units, and maneuver support operations. 

The single story building is immediately adjacent to the existing phone switch building that has housed the base communications for the past few decades.  As expected, the technology has far surpassed the capabilities of this existing building. The new building includes a modern data center, telephone switching capability, computer and communications equipment repair facilities, and space for the required support staff.

The project also involved a delicate communication switchover from an existing hodgepodge of communication manholes into one, 20’x30’ underground concrete bunker organizes all of the communication cables from the bases various commands into the new data center/communications building. 

The main building consists of concrete footings, structural steel frame, standing seam metal roofs, blast resistant doors and windows, interior reception, office, and meeting spaces, clean agent fire suppression systems for the data center and communications rooms, and the supporting MEPS systems.  The site includes underground detention and above ground bio-retention ponds, concrete paving and roads, site lighting, and security fencing.