Bob Brinkmann, CEO
If you’re not looking for creative ideas, you’ll never find any.
Bob Brinkmann, CEO
  • We believe in infusing every construction process with creativity. By teaching creative thinking, our team members generate breakthrough ideas that compress schedules, lower costs and improve quality.
  • We believe in the power of working with others to "put our heads together" to tackle the toughest challenges, exchanging inspiration with one another. We find inspiration comes alive in the Charrette process.
  • We believe in integrity. We seek always to lead by example, affirming the trust clients place in us.
  • We are experts in construction. We draw our inspiration from owners, architects, and engineers — and learn from these professionals.
  • We believe in full engagement – intense involvement, total commitment and respectful relationships. We inspire trust and loyalty by considering others first.
  • We believe in continuous learning. Every year, our engineers and superintendents each devote more than 50 hours to training, thus delivering the sharpest skills to our clients.
  • We believe that true innovators develop extraordinary gifts for unleashing powerful ideas that consistently transform good building projects into great ones.
  • We believe there is strength in timeless, organic forms yielding clear patterns, such as those revealed by Fibonacci. (Who's Fibonacci? Click to discover for yourself.)