The creativity of Brinkmann’s ideas, combined with the power of our team’s construction knowledge and discipline, produce remarkable business results for our clients. We serve clients in a variety of roles, including construction manager, general contractor, and design/builder. 

Brinkmann excels in delivering outstanding projects nationally under multiple delivery methods, from hard bid and cost-plus contracts to design/build services. We believe construction buyers receive the greatest value from Brinkmann’s innovation through the design/build or design/assist delivery models.

Clients who engage the early involvement of our creative, service-oriented Brinkmann construction professionals on their teams realize the greatest benefit of our participation and leadership. From budgeting / cost control and early design coordination to scheduling, quality control, and safety, Brinkmann Constructors delivers game-changing ideas and capabilities.

Brinkmann team members focus on the following key factors to manage critical elements of construction:

  • Budgeting / Cost Control
  • Design Coordination & BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Scheduling
  • Quality Control (QC)
  • Safety 

Budgeting / Cost Control

  • Highly knowledgeable about construction costs, processes and methods (all project management personnel)
  • Internal ability to provide quick and accurate conceptual estimates and sound, reliable project budgets
  • Able to offer timely historical data on wide array of project types, informed by national experience and regional variables
  • Creative evaluation of proposed design concepts for value-based alternative solutions
  • Use of BIM modeling for building articulation and preliminary budgeting
  • Effective stewardship of all project contributions and costs – from subcontractor selection to change management

Design Coordination & BIM (Building Information Modeling)

  • Accurate quantity surveying, cost estimating and verification
  • Clash avoidance and constructability analysis
  • Value engineering
  • Visualization provides design intent
  • Construction phasing and scheduling
  • Sequencing of current and future phases
  • Site logistics planning
  • Compressed construction scheduling


  • Management of design team (durations and deliverables)
  • Exploration of permitting options and expedited permit reviews
  • Consideration of pre-ordering and early release of critical material packages
  • Evaluation of multiple construction shifts or scheduled overtime
  • Review of alternate materials and construction methods to expedite schedule
  • 4D scheduling and BIM modeling to resolve conflicts prior to construction
  • Accelerated delivery schedules achieved by proven field management experienced in nearly every market sector 

Quality Control (QC)

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-inspired program
  • Well-managed process to identify QC conformance as well as procurement opportunities
  • Constructability reviews to identify impact on schedules, site logistics, sequencing, production efficiency, and/or long-term performance
  • Detailed processes for subcontractor prequalification, solicitation, and buyout combined with clear performance expectations
  • Field-level preconstruction review for all trades before commencing construction
  • Persistent field management and verification of quality control
  • Clear management plan for project closeout and commissioning 


  • Diligent monitoring of site conditions to ensure safety of workers and the public
  • Analysis, coordination and communication of site logistics to minimize inconvenience of construction to adjacent neighbors and facilities
  • Development and enforcement of project-specific safety plans
  • Thorough safety training for all onsite personnel.
  • Total Brinkmann team accountability for safety, from project director to project craft workers