When Robert G. “Bob” Brinkmann started this company as R.G. Brinkmann Company in 1984, he recognized the market potential for devising better ways to build. With 13 years of experience in roles of increasing responsibility at industry-leading general contracting firms and a civil engineering degree from the University of Missouri-Rolla (renamed Missouri University of Science & Technology), Bob stepped into the high-risk business of construction at age 34. His entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and persistent drive to save client’s money melded into a potent force for success.


Frugality was an early necessity for Brinkmann Constructors, and it remains a guiding value at the heart of our unwavering commitment to our clients today. In his white shirt and tie, Bob trekked through mud to get to Brinkmann’s first office, a used 40-foot by 12-foot construction trailer. While Brinkmann has certainly “graduated” from the company’s first construction-trailer headquarters, it was Bob’s risk-tolerance and tenacity in overcoming early setbacks that secured client confidence and early growth. Brinkmann’s business tripled in its second year, capitalizing on the power of prompt service, extreme client responsiveness, and creative problem-solving. Quickly, Brinkmann built a reputation as a top quality general contractor.


By 1989, Brinkmann ranked among the fastest-growing general contracting and construction management firms in St. Louis. In those first five years, Brinkmann won coveted contracts in the office, warehouse, and commercial markets. To meet growing demand, Bob expanded his team with talented construction professionals aligned with his vision. He displayed a decided preference for civil engineering graduates who were trained in solving problems. Strategically, Brinkmann was honing the talent and systems necessary for what would become an exciting new era for the young firm. Aimed at taking Brinkmann beyond a local contractor to a national construction firm serving clients in diverse market sectors, the firm forged a mutual alliance with a major private developer. This propelled a westward expansion that anchored Brinkmann’s second office location in metropolitan Denver, Colorado.


Creative thinking had been a clear differentiator in the firm’s success and growing reputation. To ensure this differentiator was expertly expressed by all team members, Brinkmann implemented an in-depth training program for the full operations team. This substantial investment gave Brinkmann a decisive advantage over competitors who were far less committed to rigorous professional development. By deepening the team’s talent for developing better solutions for clients, engineers gained the skills, courage, and candor to question assumptions and deliver breakthrough building solutions to save clients time and money.


Brinkmann’s focus remained sharply targeted on performing work where its creative solutions were most highly valued rather than simply racking up high-volume work. By 2003, the firm adopted a new name – Brinkmann Constructors – to reflect the growth and strength of a team that extends beyond the founder.


In 2014, Brinkmann Constructors celebrated its 30th anniversary. With over $3 billion of construction completed in 35 states — and more than 1,000 projects to its name in that span, Brinkmann Constructors stands at the crossroads of an exciting future. The promise of the next 30 years has already begun taking form in the hands and minds of those shaped by the legacy Brinkmann’s leaders created in cultivating a company focused on serving clients in extraordinary ways.


In 2013, Bob Brinkmann and the executive team passed the ownership of the company to the next level of leaders with the completion of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. As employee-owners, each team member has a stake in the future growth and success of the company and the responsibility to ensure Bob’s legacy of creative thinking and client service for many years to come.